Dental X-Rays in Kennett Square, PA

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At Chester County Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, we offer patients high-quality oral and maxillofacial surgery options. Community residents trust our medical expertise and outstanding procedural results at our offices in West Chester and Kennett Square, PA. Dental X-rays are an essential part of our surgical process to give us a clear view of a patient’s dental anatomy, which lets us assess the best treatment option to correct their issue and return to daily life. Our offices combine the latest medical advancements with our medical team’s commitment to serving every patient with optimal results. We provide service to patients Monday through Friday and work with you to determine a suitable time to visit. You can rely on us for a wide array of caring, professional treatments. We specialize in wisdom teeth, dental implant procedures, jaw surgery, bone grafting, and oral pathology .

Proudly Serving Kennett Square & West Chester, PA

As trusted experts in our local communities, Chester County Oral Surgery & Dental Implants’s doctors and medical staff take every patient’s safety and well-being seriously. We incorporate our compassion for patients and commitment to exceptional surgical care into every procedure, including providing helpful instruction to prepare for and deal with procedures. You can learn important information about our services and what to expect before anesthesia, after dental implant surgery or wisdom teeth removal, and after single or multiple extractions. Our offices proudly serve residents in our local communities because we understand how valuable our oral surgery solutions are to resolving a broad range of oral issues. Let us help you find relief and restore your oral health and comfort.

Dental X-Rays for a Clear View of Your Teeth

We perform dental X-rays using a small amount of radiation in order to visualize all relevant anatomical structures. Chester County Oral Surgery & Dental Implants uses different types of dental X-rays as part of a patient’s oral care, helping us create surgical treatment plans for their specific conditions and needs. Dental-X-rays show us if you have impacted teeth, infections, bone loss, and other issues. We can diagnose your condition and treat it appropriately with a clear view of these issues. Without X-rays, we could not identify dental issues as easily, leading to problems getting worse and resulting in more severe consequences. Our offices may perform dental X-rays for many reasons, such as the following:

  • Find Impacted Teeth
  • Check Dental Implants
  • Detect Infections
  • Check for Bone Loss
  • Detect Fractures and Structural Abnormalities

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Chester County Oral Surgery & Dental Implants understands many patients may feel uneasy about undergoing any type of surgery, and oral surgery is a common option many people require. We invest in the latest technological advancements to make treatment safer, more efficient, and reap better long-term results. Some people are concerned if dental X-rays are safe, and we can assure you they are safe for most of our patients. X-rays use a small enough dose of radiation that its effect on your body is virtually harmless. The process also involves putting a lead apron over your body to protect it from radiation safely and effectively. Our staff is well-versed in taking dental X-rays and performs this service proficiently to make it as quick and stress-free as possible.

How We Use X-Rays for Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants

Chester County Oral Surgery & Dental Implants prioritizes your safety while ensuring we offer the best oral surgery solutions for various conditions. Dental X-rays are a typical part of nearly any patient’s treatment plan. Wisdom teeth and dental implants are prime examples of when we use X-rays.

Wisdom Teeth

Most adolescents and young adults must deal with wisdom teeth removal because they tend to grow in problematically. Issues like impacted wisdom teeth can lead to pain, damage to surrounding teeth and structures, and dangerous infections. We use dental X-rays to identify problematic wisdom teeth safely and carefully remove them.

Dental Implants

Patients missing one or more teeth can receive dental implants as permanent replacements. These implants and artificial teeth look, feel, and operate exactly like your natural teeth and can last a lifetime if you care for them properly. The biocompatible implants fuse with your jawbone and hold artificial teeth in place to give you a confident smile and bite.

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Chester County Oral Surgery & Dental Implants looks forward to providing you with a surgical solution to your, wisdom teeth, missing teeth, and many other issues. We can relieve your pain and restore your oral health. Contact us for treatment at our Kennett Square office or our location in West Chester, PA. You can schedule an appointment and enjoy compassionate, professional care with your comfort and well-being in mind.